Android for Windows 2.89 - FINAL

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Android for Windows 2.89 - FINAL

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Welcome to Android for Windows 2.89 - FINAL

This is a complete Android 2.3.4 running environment that runs on Microsoft Windows.  We have taken the hard work of the developers, simplified things and implemented all of tips and tricks in one robust, powerful and fully functional operating system.  We at Trip9dozen are proud to pass on all of that development to the end-user.

What is this?
-This is full-blown Android running on your Windows desktop!  Use your favorite apps or play your favorite games!

-FULL Root
-FULL Google Apps support
-Free calling with IP phone
(without verification)
-Free SMS
-750MB System ROM
-4GB Data ROM
-32GB SD Card
-Emulation: HTC Desire HD
-System Lock Working
-Accessibility Added

Custom Features
-Launch many different tablets
-Wheel scrolling support
-Window Sizing
-Custom Icons
-Custom ADW theme
-Custom Sounds
-Customized BS Player and Android Settings

-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Send It, ADW Launcher, Youtube, DroidEdit, Titanium Backup, ThePirateBay, uTorrent, Google Drive/Books/Voice/Plus/Play Store , Volume+, Fake GPS, Calendar/Contacts/Camera/Gallery/News, ES Task Manager, RAM Booster, AdAway, History Eraser, Media Rescan, Lucky Patcher, Terminal, SU Root Tools, Zarchiver, Game Keyboard...

Modded Applications
-IP Phone, Pandora -Unlimited Skips, ES file explorer -ROOT Working, Google Earth, Flash Player, Facebook (fast), Gmail Dark -Autoload Images, Settings App, VLC x86, Firefox Nightly x86...

Requirements (My Opinion)
Try to AVOID Intel Video Cards

-Dual Core CPU
(AMD Athlon 64 X2 2ghz/Intel Core 2 Duo)
-4GB Free Hard Disk
-HD Capable video card
(must support OpenGL 2.0 or higher)

-Quad Core CPU
(AMD Athlon 64 X4, Intel i5)
-32GB Free Hard Disk
-HD Capable video card
(must support OpenGL 2.0 or higher)
(ATI Radeon HD 5000, NVIDIA Gforce 6) or later

-Recommend Windows 7 x64
-Works well on Windows 7 x86 and Windows XP SP3
-It does work on Vista x64/x86 but why?  Install 7!
-I do NOT recommend Windows 8 (for anything) but especially NOT for BlueStacks

Known Bugs
-Camera does not work in hangouts
-Google Talk Authentication Failed randomly occurs still

BlueStacks Version

Change Log
-Memory Management
-Restore many crippled functions
- 2.77 Users should upgrade immediately


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